The After Happy Hour Review is not limited to any particular genre and encourages poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and visual art.  Our headquarters are based in Pittsburgh, but the journal is not exclusive to Pittsburgh-based writers.

Be bold and take risks, make an impact and make it early. Don’t give us characters that mildly care, plots that kind of make the reader turn the page, or language that sort of places us in the heat of the story. AHHR favors the audacious.

Send 3-6 pieces (or up to 10 pages if mixed-media.) This category is open to poems, flashes, images, a mix of all of the above, really whatever genre-wise. We are looking for a series of very short pieces that work together, whether aesthetically, thematically, or narratively, to form a broader whole. 

We may still edit parts if they don't feel right to us, but individual pieces will not be considered in this category, so if you have a withdrawal, please withdraw the entire submission.

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Submit in standard manuscript format (12-point font, 1" margins, etc.). We read blind, so please also remove all identifying information from your file. If you write short (under 1,000 words) you can send up to 3 stories in a single document. Otherwise, send one story at a time and wait until you hear back to send another. 

There is no hard word count, but works over 5,000 words must be truly exceptional to merit consideration. Please double-space all prose longer than 1,000 words. Flash and micro pieces can be single- or double-spaced at your discretion. 

We're looking for stories we can't put down (and can't stop thinking about after we do). Whether your story is 2 pages or 20 pages, it should be complete and excised of all scaffolding, filler, and darlings. We like weird and absurd--just make sure you actually have a story, not only a cool concept. Aside from that, we want the same stuff every journal asks for: strong characters, consistent voice, and compelling conflict.

Files in this category should not contain images. If you use illustrations or work in a hybrid medium, submit under the "Comics and Graphic Narratives" category.

Use standard manuscript formatting (12 point font, 1" margins, etc.).  We read blind, so please also remove all identifying information from your file. Send one piece up to 6,000 words, double-spaced. For flash essays and micro-essays (under 1,000 words) you can send up to 3 in a single document, which can be single- or double-spaced. 

 The ideal CNF submission engages the raw and personal with the broader world. We're not looking for journal entries, or for journalistic essays--it should be something in between, the intersection of your experience and the human experience. Scholarly essays will not be considered. We like the emphasis to be on the "creative" more than the "non-fiction" and look for essays that tell a story. Even if the situation is ongoing, your piece should have a clear beginning and end. 

Send up to 3 poems in a single document (you can send more, because I can't stop you, but we won't read them.) All submissions are read blind, so please remove any identifying information from your submission prior to sending. This category is for poems to be read individually, as opposed to the Suites category.

Aesthetically, we're looking for things that challenge. Challenge form, challenge language, challenge society,  challenge your rival to a bake-off, but most importantly, challenge yourself to exceed what came before you and to be your own voice. Shrug off your cliches and hang-ups and give us something new. Poetry, in whatever form it takes, can move our hearts and brains in places that other arts can't. Embrace it. Fucking run wild. 

There is no length limit on graphic narratives. For short works (3 pages or under) you can send up to 5 in a single submission. For works longer than 3 pages, send one at a time and wait until you get a response to send another. We read blind, so please also remove all identifying information from your file.  

 We want pieces that explore the creative potential of visual  storytelling in all its forms, from traditional comics to experimental  works. If it's part of a larger narrative, make sure the excerpt has a  self-contained arc. Remember that we are primarily a literary journal,  so the quality of the writing has to be on-par with the visuals. 

Please format as .jpg, .png, .pdf, or .tiff, with the highest resolution possible. No watermarks.

 We consider all forms of visual art, including paintings, drawings,  photographs, and digital images. To submit individual work, attach up to 5 works in a single submission. 

Please format as .jpg, .png, .pdf, or .tiff, with the highest resolution possible. No watermarks.

After Happy Hour publishes book reviews, author interviews, and craft-related content on our website. We'll also consider reviews of literary events (readings, conferences, etc.) and promotional announcements of the same. 

Posts should be 250-1,000 words in length and contain all relevant links and references. Completed posts only, please (no queries). You can include up to two images in the text of the post or attached as separate files. Please note/cite the source of all images.

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