The After Happy Hour Review is not limited to any particular genre and encourages poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and visual art.  Our headquarters are based in Pittsburgh, but the journal is not exclusive to Pittsburgh-based writers.

Be bold and take risks, make an impact and make it early. Don’t give us characters that mildly care, plots that kind of make the reader turn the page, or language that sort of places us in the heat of the story. AHHR favors the audacious.

Photography, paintings, drawings, collages, etc...If it's pretty to look at, send it to us. Please format as .jpg, .png, or .tiff, with the highest resolution possible. No watermarks.
Please submit only in standard 12 point font (Times New Roman or Courier New only), 1" margins, double-spaced. 6000 words or less. 

1000 words or less. 12 point font (Times New Roman or Courier New only), 1" margins, double-spaced.
Maximum of five poems. 12 pt font (Times New Roman or Courier New only) required, but margins, spacing, etc are up to the poet. No embedded images.
6000 words or less. 12 point font, Times New or Courier New only, 1" margins, double-spaced. Journalistic essays will not be considered. Tell us a true story in your own words.
After Happy Hour Review